Creative expression has always played a huge role in my life. While growing up in the suburbs of Southeast Michigan, I mainly focused on reading, drawing, taking a variety of visual art and design classes and annually enjoying the respite of remote sandy beaches “up north” every summer. My high school portfolio was a hard won success that landed me fine art awards and a place in design school in the windy city. The raw artist in me began the road of discovery to connect my work to the world of design in both experimental and practical ways. In 2007, I graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications.

After graduation, I started out as a graphic designer in the custom event decor industry. I made my way over to luxury real estate marketing in a contract to hire capacity. I fell further into my obsessions with typography while working as a graphic designer and typesetting in Skokie. Freelance contract work felt like a great next step, so I focused on custom art, brand identity contracts, onsite green screen superimposing and managing a team of four at each event. I got to kick it around a lot in River North of Chicago, a place I had been dreaming about since I was 18, and I was drawn into the realm of affiliate marketing and content development. It was at this time I had sharpened my photography, illustration and layout skills in a game changing way. Next, I set out for Milwaukee, where I have spent the last few years eating cheese, trying craft beers, hiking and climbing bluffs in the rolling hills of rural Wisconsin and doing remote and onsite contracts that reflect my values and some of the best work I’ve done yet. I’m looking forward to a transition back to Chicago with new stars in my head and bigger boots.

To sum it up, I specialize in art direction, digital + print design, interactive design, content development, photo compositing, storyboarding, illustration and photography.

Throughout my professional experience, I’ve been honing my craft, taking risks and studying culture. Aside from that, I’m a canvas painting, disco dancing MST3K fan. We’re born to be alive.